Questions to ask any Contractor

Choosing a contractor for your project involves a number of considerations that go go beyond the basics like price, materials and schedule. As you’re evaluating proposals, be sure to ask these questions and compare the answers you get to ours.

Q: Do you have your own employees that you consistently monitor or do you subcontract your work?
A: Not only do we do all our own work, but Proactive Painting is one of the only companies where the owner personally inspects every job before it is completed.
Q: Do you have all experienced painters or do you have some college students home from break with little or no experience working for you?
A: Every employee at Proactive has two to twenty-five years of painting experience.
Q: How many crew members will come and paint?
A: If less than three the job will probably take longer than a week. We usually send out crews of 3 to 5 painters.
Q: What type of warranty do you offer?
A: Proactive offers a two year workmanship warranty for peeling paint and caulk
Q: Do you dispose of all your paint in a safe manner?
A: Proactive takes all old paint cans away from the job site and to designated waste management centers.
Q: Does your company have employee incentives for achieving a perfect customer satisfaction score?
A: All our employees are compensated with cash bonuses as well as increases in privileges for a perfect customer satisfaction score.
Q: What kind of ratings does your company have from the Better Business Bureau?
A: Proactive Painting has excellent ratings from the Wisconsin BBB.
Q: What type of paint do you use?
A: We use only the best paint from Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, and Hallmann and Lindsey.

Thanks for reviewing the Proactive Difference. We hope to earn your business and satisfaction on your next painting project!