Here’s a list of common questions from our customers and our answers.

Q: When is it too cold to paint outside?
A: When the temperature gets below 35 degrees.
Q: How early in the year or late in the year can someone paint or stain outside?
A: It doesn’t matter when as long as the temperature will be above 35 degrees during the job.
Q: How long must someone wait to paint after it rains?
A: Painting and staining can commence as soon as the surface that is to be painted is dry.
Q: When do I use paint or stain?
A: Paint is always used on walls inside a home and outside whenever you are painting smooth surfaces such as pine and aluminum siding. Stain is commonly used on houses that have cedar siding and trim. It is also used to stain doors and windows followed by a polyurethane finish.
Q: What sheen of paint should I use inside my home?
A: Kitchens and bathrooms should always be done in semi or high gloss paint. Ceilings also can benefit from having a gloss on them. Walls are somewhat of a personal preference, but we recommend using flat or eggshell.
Q: Is there anything a homeowner can do to prepare for their home being painted?
A: Yes, For interiors, take down any pictures or things that could hinder the painting of your walls. You could also move any unnecessary items out of a room. For exteriors, you could trim any problematic bushes or trees. It is also a good idea to keep cars and other valuable objects away from where the painting will take place.