Exterior Painting

We pledge to bring our standards of excellence to each and every job and treat your home or business as if it were our own. To ensure your satisfaction before, during and after the job, we’ve developed these Proactive Project Checklists that our teams follow. Because every job is unique, certain steps may not apply to your project.

Our commitment to your project includes:

Entire house is pressure washed to remove all dirt, mildew, and debris.

All loose paint is scraped off the wood, and all gaps and cracks are filled with caulk.

Painting and Staining
Desired areas are stained and painted using only quality paints and stains.

This is done every day were at your home. All equipment is placed together and covered with tarps. All paint chips, garbage, and other debris is removed. Again, it’s like we were never there.

Our crews will thoroughly inspect our work, then walk around with you, the homeowner, and make sure you are fully satisfied with our work. Then we ask all our customers to complete a survey of how they felt our crews painted their home. We are always trying to improve at Proactive Painting and this helps us do that.